Tired of Being alone


Just as the Reverend once sang. I’ve spent most of the Winter as many Streetboarders do skating by myself. Yeah, you feel like a lone solider deep in enemy territory, battling off a whole platoon single handed.

You know wot tho?

“I’d rather roll with my squadron”

So I’m heading off to Chile on Sunday to meet with a mix of some old Skool legends and some fresh faced yoot; ” The Creative Director”Kai Hammen, “The Kid” Eric Brun, The True Skool’s own Max Anderson, Josh Newman, The Absolute Legend Sebastien Hoffman, and of course superstars Sergi Nicolas and our humble host Ismael Calvo.

This guy has built his own mini mega in his backyard, meaning we only need to leave the trenches ¬†for booze n “entertainment”.

Check here for updates from the trip, but in the meantime check a lonely man’s warm up;

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