Captain’s Log: Colmo Mixtape (Lyric Video)


You guys knew Beyoncé wrote a song about Streetboarding right?

This isn’t an edit, it’s a mixtape. The riding is sound, the ideas are there, but this is True Skool, plus the only thing I like polished is my shoes…no time for that…You do want RP6 don’t ya?

No one seems to have dropped anything but raw clips from the two weeks we spent in Chile, and you guys deserve to see what the fuck went down.

Featuring The Kid (Eric Brun) smacking it, Sergi Nicolas legs going side to side, Max Anderson up in the air, Ismael Calvo in his city, in the summer camo’d out, Joshy Newman rocking the Buddha backflip, and Yeah Kai!

Plus all  the shit I live for, with the people I’d die for.


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