The Captain’s Streetboard Museum: Exhibit #2


Have you ever seen TSFM? One of the monumental Streetboard Videos that never was. Three trailers and an associated clothing line, the project’s seeds were sewn on a sunny day in Buenos Aires, December 2001.

Fly Masters was the Barcelona based crew led by Richie Greeves and Sergi Nicolas, and were the ones who introduced Gabi Muñoz to the world. Both featured heavily in our 2001 film “One”.

True Skool? Well it’s us, we’re back and….nasty shit.

The two crews were close, like sharing Cokes and fries close. We’d travel to each other’s hoods every few months and just ride and kick it.

Sergi, Richie Sam Cooke and myself were lounging around talking about London’s pirate radio scene and joshing that we should set up our own station and call it “TSFM”.

The name had a ring to it, so we ran with it and eventually never released one of the greatest examples of Streetboarding on film.

The print on the hoodie was from a crew shot during one of our

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