Tired of Being alone

Just as the Reverend once sang. I’ve spent most of the Winter as many Streetboarders do skating by myself. Yeah, you feel like a lone solider deep in enemy territory, battling off a whole platoon single handed. You know wot tho? “I’d rather roll with my squadron” So I’m heading[…]

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Playtime is Over…

Kids are probably the worst type of pollution…Sunday morning the air was thick with them. Who’s gonna get hurt if we collide? Them. Who’s gonna feel guilty if we do? Me. Now who’s selfish?


£1 Chicken & Chips…

It must be London. Even when my phone says sun, the moisture from yesterday’s rain still clings to the ground.  There ain’t nothing wrong, with a little slip n slide.  In fact I’d liken it to resistance training.   On a cold January morning what better to set you up[…]


You are Singular

Not many true fitties hang at skateparks. This one lived in Dubai, but was from somewhere in Central Europe, spoke 12 languages and definitely has a Swiss bank account. Once Sam Cooke rolled up at True Skool o’clock I was tired from trying to impress. Eventually we got a few[…]



This was the first time I wore this tee. They were being supported by Palehorse, my good Uncle Seedi’s former band.  He provided live entertainment at the World Streetboard Championships 2005 in Lyon. Shitwife do a mean cover of Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy”. Plus I thought the yellow goes nicely[…]